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History 1998 - Second Edition. For all ducts between the supply fan and variable volume control boxes and 1 (250 Pa) w. KINETICS™ Pipe & Duct Seismic Application Manual SEISMIC RESTRAINT BASICS FOR PIPE AND DUCT PAGE 1 of 18 SECTION - S1. 0 Toll Free (USA Only): 800-959-1229 RELEASED ON:. If you are searched for the ebook Smacna oshpd seismic manual in pdf format, then you have come on to the faithful site. Seismic Restraint Manual - OSHPD Edition: 2009 $192. SMACNA Seismic Restraint Manual. Also, in areas of Very High seismicity, SMACNA details should be used with extreme care. This CD-ROM contains all 169 figures in DXF format that are used to illustrate the best practices in architectural sheet metal work. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: SMACNA Seismic Restraint Manual is the property of its rightful owner. Description SMACNA Seismic Restraint Manual: Guidelines for Mechanical Systems, 3rd Edition. Seismic Restraint Manual - OSHPD Edition, 2009. 2 CISCA | Seismic Construction Handbook Seismic Construction Handbook Scope This document is intended to help the reader under-stand the seismic construction requirements for lay-in, suspended ceilings.

If the designer does not designate pressure class for duct construction on the contract drawings, the basis of compliance with the SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards is as follows: 2 (500 Pa) w. If file is multipart don t forget to check all parts before downloading. Available in PDF or CD only. Meets California Building Code, Title 24, Part 2 and California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) standards for seismic requirements for bracing ductwork, piping and conduit. In April 1990, the task force recommended that SMACNA develop and publish this manual of seismic re-straint guidelines. OSHPD FREER MANUAL FOR GENERAL ACUTE CARE HOSPITALS, PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALS, SKILLED NURSING FACILITIES & INTERMEDIATE CARE FACILITIES A Guide for Field Reviewed Projects, Projects Exempt from OSHPD Plan Review, OSHPD Permit (Excluded) & Expedited Review Projects Rev. Currently, SMACNA has more than thirty publications in circulation which are continuously Seismic Restraint Manual: Guidelines for. This special edition of the SMACNA Seismic Restraint Manual has been developed to meet the specific requirements of OSHPD for hospital and health care facilities construction. The next Leakage Manual SMACNA is working on a. This includes work with sheet metal, specialty stainless, kitchen equipment, manufacturing, management and maintenance. SEAOC / OSHPD do not intend that the use of this information replace the sound judgment of such competent professionals, having experience and knowledge in the field of practice, nor to substitute for the standard of care required of such professionals in interpreting and applying the results of the seismic data provided by this website.

Seismic Restraint Systems Guidelines OSHPD Pre-Approved OPA-0300 These guidelines are also adaptable to be used with building codes in regions throughout the U. It does not cover hangers between brace. SMACNA-Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association Id Number Title Year Organization Page 1 20003 5254 SMACNA 0 2 1059 NULL 2013 SMACNA 0 3 1068 NULL 2013 SMACNA 0 4 1120 NULL 2012 SMACNA 0 5 1793 Architectural Sheet Metal Manual - Seventh Edition 2012 SMACNA 0. For dimensions of duct not specifically given in the tables, the tables may be applied using the weight per lineal foot as the basis. Roof/floor beams, trusses, joists, concrete floors, etc. Documents Preceding 3rd Edition HVAC-DCS HVAC Duct Construction Standards --Metal and Flexible -First Edition. History O 1991 - Seismic Restraint Manual - Guidelines for Mechanical Systems (SMACNA) - Included larger ducts - Included conduit - Created Seismic Hazard Level (SHL) O 1993 - Appendix E - Corrections and Clarifications - Specific Requirements for OSHPD - OSHPD Approval. SMACNA homepage: SMACNA s Seismic Restraint Manual - Guidelines for Mechanical Systems, OSHPD edition, has been approved by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

CHAPTER 5 TABLES FOR SEISMIC HAZARD LEVEL AA (g = 1. All equipment/components including but not limited to: electrical,. If searched for a ebook Version of smacna seismic restraint manual in pdf format, then you have come on to loyal site. ANSI/SMACNA 006-2006 HVAC Duct Construction Standards Eli P. The seismic hazard tables are limited to the two (2) ap­ plicable to these facilities and the text outlines the submission process for the use of the manual. We present the full variation of this ebook in DjVu, doc, txt, PDF, ePub forms. Purchase of the existing. 0) applicable to the hospital and health care facilities outlined in the use of the manual. The SMACNA Seismic Restraint Manual has tables for four values of C s These tables are identified as Seismic Hazard Level (SHL) SMACNA SHL Values SHL A = C s = 1. Details of seismic bracing connections to trapezes and/or pipe hangers 3. The attachment, supports and seismic restraints of suspended structural non-components and distribution systems listed below shall be designed to resist the total design seismic forces prescribed in the CBC. It is the responsibility of the Registered Design Professional for the nonstructural component or system to ensure adequacy of the design, placement of the seismic bracing kits, and installation. The Seismic Restraint Manual: Guidelines for Mechanical Systems, 3rd edition 2008, ANSI/SMACNA 001-2008, is an updated set of guidelines that shows designers and contractors how to determine the correct restraints for sheet metal ducts, piping and conduit.

Locations of all seismic bracing locations 2. The Seismic Restraint Manual: Guidelines for Mechanical Systems, 3rd edition 2008, ANSI/SMACNA 001-2008, is an updated set of guidelines that shows designers and contractors how to determine the correct restraints for sheet metal ducts, piping and conduit, so that they are more likely to remain attached to the building during an earthquake. Bracing of Ducts Seismic supports are not required for HVAC ductwork when the. OSHPD has developed the FREER manual as a guideline for Field Reviewed, Exempt from OSHPD plan review, or Expedited Review of these minor projects. SMACNA does not cover all conditions such as, providing details for seismic restraints of equipment or details of flexible joints when crossing seismic or expansion joints, or bracing of in-line equipment, etc. Technical Papers/Guidelines These papers are copyrighted by SMACNA. The document has been changed and revised and contains requirements specific to OSHPD.

Different seismic force resisting systems are covered in the balance of the sections, along with diaphragms, chord and collectors as well as an introduction to.


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